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OPEN JOB - to $158,000 - Contract Administrator - TS SCI CI Poly

Chantilly, VA

TITLE: Contract Administrator
This is a currently open role (3 years left on the program)
TARGET COMP: to $158,000

Job Description
  • The Contract Administrator position provides all forms of contract-related support through all phases of contract award, administration, and closeout. The Contract Administrator will serve as a business advisor for all acquisition and contract related Program Office needs.

  • Provide general contract administration support including:
  • Prepare data-call responses for Government approval
  • Prepare reports as directed by the CO, Team Chief or Senior Contracting Officer
  • Interface with NRO financial management systems such as NRO Execution and Reporting (NEAR), NRO Financial Info System (NFIS), Financial Information Tool or FFO Information Tool (FI1), Financial Information Requirements Systems Tool (FIRST, EPX Studio and other NRO financial management tools.
  • Maintain contract files in accordance with all required regulations
  • Prepare contract award and modifications in accordance with NAM/FAR for CO review/signature into EPX, to include identifying appropriate solicitation and contract clauses
  • Draft, edit, review, and maintain all contractual documentation, such as pre­negotiation and price negotiation memorandums, SOWs, Justifications and Approvals (J&A), acquisition plans, and other acquisition/contracting documents for consideration by authorized Government personnel.
  • Provide recommendations on contract matters to Government personnel such as the COTR Program Control and/or Security, as required
  • Collect and analyze relevant market information from Government and nongovernment sources in order to make recommendations regarding possible sources; prepare Market Research reports
  • Make recommendations to authorized Government personnel regarding cash flow regarding acquisitions.
  • Analyze customer requirements and recommend the appropriate contract type that meets all statutory requirements
  • Recommend appropriate contracting methods based on customer requirement
  • Make recommendations on the appropriate method of publicizing a procurement
  • Construct contract incentives that meet required policy while incentivizing positive contractor performance
  • Make recommendations regarding the types of contract financing available based on contract type and method of procurement
  • Make recommendations regarding when full and open, full and open after exclusion of sources, and Other Than Full and Open competition should be used
  • Draft source selection criteria using best value, lowest price technically acceptable or other methods for contracts awarded by negotiation for consideration by authorized Government personnel
  • Draft pre-award and post-award debriefings for successful offerors
  • Support pre-award and post-award protests in accordance with the FAR/NAM requirements
  • Make recommendations regarding cost/price analysis of contractor proposals, to include identify when certified cost or pricing data is required
  • Assist in preparing and conducting negotiation of all the elements of a potential contract or solicitation including schedule, performance, and price; and prepare related documents
  • Prepare and submit expired contracts into the contract close-out (i.e., Settlements) process.
  • Support and document contract terminations including calculating contract termination final contract price
  • Make recommendations regarding analysis, computation, and tracking contract payments and support the resolution of payment-related problems
  • Identify indicators of fraud or other legal offenses
  • Analyze, recommend, and document the validity of claims
  • Resolve contract issues with CO approval
  • Make recommendations regarding the evaluation and documentation of subcontracting plans, organizational conflict of interest plans, foreign ownership, control or influence situations, international traffic and arms regulation situations, and deviation waivers.
  • Demonstrated experience working within a customer-oriented environment and provide quality service
  • Demonstrated ability to participate productively as a contributing member in a team environment
  • Demonstrated experience communicating effectively and concisely using a variety of styles and techniques appropriate to the audience
  • Demonstrated experience using Microsoft Office and standard computer applications
  • Demonstrated ability to display a high level of initiative, effort, and commitment towards completing assignments in a timely manner.
  • Demonstrated experience identifying problems; determining accuracy and relevance of information; uses sound judgment to generate and evaluate alternatives, and making recommendations.
  • Demonstrated experience to make sound, well-informed, and objective recommendations; perceives the impact and implications of recommendations; commits to action, even in uncertain situations, to accomplish organizational goals; causes positive change
  • Demonstrated experience using both EPX and NFIS systems is desired but not required

If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity, please respond back and include the following:
  • MS WORD Resume
  • required compensation
  • Contact information
  • Availability
Upon receipt, one of our managers will contact you to discuss the position in full detail.

Steve Fleischner
CELL: 212 203-3666
EMAIL: steve@intermediagroup.com
LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stevefleischner/


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