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Financial Management (Budget) Associate (DoD Secret Clearance)

Colorado Springs, CO
Intermedia Group has the following open position:

TITLE: Senior Financial Management (Budget) Associate (DoD Secret Clearance)

LOCATION: Colorado Springs, CO
TYPE: Full time salaried with benefits
CLEARANCE: Active DoD Secret
  • Develop, train, brief, integrate, correlate and analyze various phases of the Planning Programming, Budgeting, and Execution process as it applies to the administration and management of all programs within the Division
  • Ensure compliance with Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness guidelines at all times, and maintain processes for accurately and thoroughly responding to financial management activities in accordance with official directives, regulations and guidance
  • Be prepared to support and document responses to Air Force directed audits
  • Provide Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution support for U.S. government budgets
  • Assist the government in performing research, conducting reviews and providing assessments in support of, at a minimum, the development of the POM, Budget Exhibit preparation, Staffer Day preparations, funds receipt, analysis reporting, Spring Program Reviews, Investment Budget Review, PMR’s, Mid- year Execution Reviews, Baseline Execution Reviews, Vice-Commander’s Forum, Financial Planning Working Group, Financial Management Reviews, Acquisition Mission Support, Business Management Reviews, and budget execution activities to include but not limited to Open Document Listings and Tri-Annual reviews; Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request; Miscellaneous Obligation/Reimbursement Document and AF616 Validation; analysis of the Division’s Operating Cost Bills and allocations; funding profile analysis; budget exhibit reviews; Unfunded Requirement List prioritization, updates, and maintenance; developing Below Threshold Reprogramming funding packages; System Metric and Reporting Tool reporting; suspense tracking; tasker tracking; unliquidated obligation and negative unliquidated obligations; review financial management policy, regulations, guidance, and publications; compliance analysis with the President’s Budget, program objective memorandum, and all other applicable funding documents; develop Continuing Resolution Authority funding requirements; expired and cancelled funds status; obligation and expenditure status; provide management notices; provide internal process and procedure efficiency and improvement initiatives; and Operations and Maintenances funding review and analysis
  • Analyzes data from various Government accounting systems and Program Contractor inputs to support training; data collection; documentation; reconciliation of current/prior/canceling year budgets and budget execution. Performs daily reconciliation functions for all Program Commitments, Obligations and Expenditures to include interface between the Directorate’s CCaR System and Defense Finance and Accounting System (DFAS) databases such as, but not limited to, Looking Glass and Con-Write
  • Reviews and validates Unliquidated Obligations (ULOs) and recommends remedial actions to the government designee. Reconciles and validates Miscellaneous Obligation Reimbursement Documents (MORDs), Open Document List (ODL), Tri-Annual Reviews, Expiring and Cancelling Year Funds, Year-End Contingent Liabilities, and Military Interdepartmental Purchase Requests (MIPRs)
  • Supports all actions required upon receipt of target allowances or funding authorizations to include the preparation and coordination of Government Accounting and Financial System (GAFS) Address Request Forms and Target Loads. Prepares commitment document packages IAW applicable regulatory and policy guidance. Supports all actions related to expiring and/or canceling year funds; and, Contract Close-out
  • Prepares Upward Obligation Adjustments (UOAs) and submits, monitors coordination and advises of delayed UOAs to the government designee for approval in the Obligation Adjustments Recording System (OARS)
  • Generates and submits Corrective Action Instruction (CAI) packages to resolve discrepancies and track the status of packages submitted to DFAS; and, follow-up to completion
  • Prepares Reconciliation Reports to track reconciliation actions completed and remaining, and submit a final report summarizing all reconciliation efforts and unresolved discrepancies to include recommendations for corrective actions. Maintains and updates the financial aspects of the Defense Travel System (DTS)
  • NOTE: Candidate MUST have EITHER CCAR =OR= CRIS experience
  • Experience performing financial management activities in the government (military and/or civil servant), federally funded research and development center, or profit/non-profit government support/development Contractor arena, of which Three years shall include duties/assignments specifically in support of financial management acquisition programs.
  • Experience required using standardized and specialized software applications such as, but not limited to the following:
  • Microsoft Office Suite experience
  • Comprehensive Cost and Requirement System
  • Commander’s Research Integration System
  • FM Suite
  • Candidate must either have or is in the process of pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in any of the following:  Management, Business, Economics, Finance, Accounting, Mathematics, Science
  • Experience with Air Force Budget Tools (CRIS or CCaR)
If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity, please respond back and include the following:
  • Full MS WORD Resume
  • required compensation
  • Current contact information
  • Availability
Upon receipt, one of our managers will contact you to discuss the position in full detail.

Zeke Goulbourne
Intermedia Group, Inc.
212 248-0100
Email: zekegoulbourne@intermediagroup.com

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