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AIR WORTHINESS SME - DoD Top Secret Clearance

Bedford, MA
Intermedia Group Inc. a US based government contractor, has the following below staff opening. This is a position located at Hanscom Air Force Base in Massachusetts
TARGET COMPENSATION: $120,000 - $140,000
This person will have expertise in the USAF airworthiness certification process and policy, and experience in defining and implementing an airworthiness strategy for the new E4-B program, which is an ACAT 1 program located at Hanscom AFB, MA.
  • Bachelor’s degree and 10 years of relevant experience.
  • Experience in DoD systems acquisition and program management principles, policies, and practices.
  • Ability to respect and work with customer country customs, etiquette and business practices
  • Ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing, providing quality acquisition and program documentation (briefings, documents, plans, etc.).
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Skilled in use of Microsoft Office products
  • Must have an active US Security Clearance
This position will work closely with the AFLCMC/EN certification offices to establish agreed upon methods of compliance, conduct technical assessments and produce required documentation necessary to support the decision of the TAA, AFLCMC/EN-EZ, to award a Military Type Certification (MTC) to the E-4B Recapitalization / Survivable Airborne Operations Center (SAOC) SAOC design and test results. They shall, at a minimum:
  • Refine and implement the SAOC airworthiness strategy and plan.
  • Evaluate and assess the EMD contractor’s airworthiness strategy and plan and provide report on how they should be integrated into the SAOC airworthiness approach.
  • Evaluate the EMD contractor Tailored Airworthiness Certification Criteria (TACC) and Modification Airworthiness Certification Criteria (MACC) certification basis, and work with the EMD contractor and cognizant AFLCMC/EN engineers to resolve all issues in order to obtain TAA approval.
  • Actively manage the FAA/USAF seam including interfacing with the FAA Military Certification Office.
  • Participate in FAA and USAF test planning and test execution and review associated documents.
  • Provide technical expertise to obtain Experimental Flight Release Basis (EFRB) certification basis and compliance approval, and participate in flight test approval activities to obtain Military Flight Releases.
  • Conduct program office oversight responsibilities associated with the Ground and Flight Risk Clause (GFRC).
  • Perform detailed technical review and analysis of all MIL-HDBK-516C compliance artifacts on behalf of the program office (for all sections listed in Section II of this document), provide technical review comments, and work with cognizant AFLCMC/EN engineers and the EMD contractor to resolve all issues. Document compliance assessments on Criteria Verification Forms.
  • Assess residual risk and develop mitigation summary to obtain risk acceptance at the appropriate level.
  • Assess and document final compliance to TACC and MACC and obtain issuance of Military Type Certificates for the SAOC missionized system configuration.
  • Perform configuration audit and provide assessment to the SAOC Program Office to justify issuing Military Certificates of Airworthiness.
  • Review and implement sustainment strategy consistent with SAOC airworthiness plan.
  • Develop and implement program office processes including Operational Safety, Suitability & Effectiveness (OSS&E) and Engineering Disposition that will support the approved airworthiness strategy.
  • Ensure airworthiness of delivered aircraft including responding to Engineering Disposition requests, reviewing planned implementation of Service Bulletins and Airworthiness Directives, assessing issues with in-service aircraft, and supporting airworthiness approval of reportable and non-reportable modifications.
If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity, please respond back and include the following:
• Full MS WORD Resume
• Current and required compensation
• Contact information
• Availability
Upon receipt, one of our managers will contact you to discuss in full
Stephen Fleischner
Defense and Intelligence Solutions
131 Varick Street
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New York, NY 10013
Voice: 212-248-0100
Email: sfleischner@intermediagroup.com  
Corporate Web Site: https://intermediagroup.com/government/


Steve Fleischner
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