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z/OS - WebSphere Systems Programmer

Gwynn Oak, MD
Intermedia Group has the following staff opening:
JOB TITLE: z/OS - WebSphere Systems Programmer
LOCATION: Woodlawn, MD.
Clearance: Public Trust ELIGIBLE
TARGET COMP: $75,000 - $77,000

  • We are hiring for an onsite Mainframe Systems Programmer contractor to provide direction and support to mainframe systems and applications programmers in the Office of Systems to provide increased performance and stability for the WebSphere z/OS environment with emphasis on the Introscope WebSphere monitoring tool.  This increased performance and stability will benefit Intranet users throughout SSA operational components and the American public using the SSA Internet services.
  • Will review both systems and application code including system dumps and logs to identify and resolve availability and performance issues currently being encountered which include out of resource abends and excessive resource consumption.  The specialist will also provide performance tuning and problem determination relating to current production applications and new applications being migrated through the software life cycle including development, validation, training, integration testing, and production. 
In support of the task, the contractor shall perform the activities described in the sections below:
Task - z/OS Websphere monitoring tool
  • Use SMP/E or applicable vendor method to install product.
  • Test product to the extent possible before migrating through the systems life cycle.
  • Coordinate with IBM technical staff to troubleshoot problems.
  • Track problems and document resolutions.
  • Prepare status reports.
  • Interface and work with other components to identify and resolve problems and outages pertaining to the Introscope software.
  • Use SSA’s Change, Asset, Problem Reporting System (CAPRS) also known as Service Manager to submit change requests and respond to problem tickets.
Task: Stabilize current environments
  • Analyze, plan and troubleshoot WAS 8.5 and future releases
  • Assist with the implementation of stabilization actions.
  • Communicate with IBM technical staff as needed.
  • Prepare progress reports in detail to include problems and recommendations.
Task: Support performance improvement in the following areas:
  • WLM (Workload Manager) 
  • Research and coordinate with IBM technical staff and other technical personnel to gather data for analysis and recommendations.
  • Applications
  • Debug application performance problems by analyzing java dumps and using tools in support of applications performance.
  • Make recommendations to the applications developers on corrections to the code and or other areas to correct problems found during the analysis phase.  
  • Administration of environments
  • Make recommendations on the infrastructure design, tuning and scripting. 
  • Assist with pertinent administrative tasks, their execution and best practices.
  • Prepare progress report to include problems, resolutions and recommendations.
  • JVM heap usage
  • Use Pattern Modeling & Analysis Tool for Java Garbage Collector, system generated java and heap dumps and other garbage collector tools for optimization analysis and troubleshooting. 
  • Communicate with IBM technical staff to gather required heap usage information. 
Task:  Scripting
  • Design and implement profile and function scripts to manage the environments. 
  • Ensure that scripts:  1 - either display or change settings; 2 - have a scope of all or individual server selections; and 3 - are written per the instructions provided by the Task Manager.
Task: Troubleshooting
  • Research and coordinate with IBM technical staff and document problem resolution.
Task:  Planning and Implementation
  • Support implementation phase for WAS migration.
  • Research and coordinate with IBM technical staff. 
Task:  Best Practices
  • Use recognized IBM best practice guidelines for server settings.
  • Use performance-monitoring tools to establish optimal settings.
  • Recognize need for changes by analyzing and diagnosing timeout abend. 
Task:  Support Apache IHS migration
  • Use monitoring tools and tests to ensure Apache IHS process is working optimally.
  • Assist in debugging any problems that arise.

  • Requires 10 years technically related experience.
  • The prospective candidate must have extensive mainframe experience to include z/OS WebSphere.
  • The candidate’s experience must include the following:
Extensive z/OS mainframe experience to include:
  • Experience installing system software via SMP/E
  • Experience allocating data sets
  • Experience debugging system (abends, heap size) and system software issues
  • Experience creating scripts via Jython
  • Experience creating executable jobs via Job Control Language (JCL)
z/OS WebSphere/WAS experience - nice to have
  • Experience administrating z/OS WAS via the WAS Admin. Console
  • Experience installing z/OS WAS maintenance
  • Experience building z/OS WAS Cells
  • Experience building z/OS WAS Servers
Note: Should expect occasional off hours or weekend scheduled work
If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity, please respond back and include the following:
• Full MS WORD Resume
• Current and required compensation
• Contact information
• Availability
Upon receipt, one of our managers will contact you to discuss in full

Zeke Goulbourne
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